Animal Care Australia (ACA) is for farm animals!

ACA is for businesses, associations, or individuals that appreciate that both animals and humans benefit from the partnership.

Whether you love llamas or lambs, adore alpacas, prefer pigs, care for cattle, think goats are gorgeous, camels are cute or are devoted to donkeys… ACA is here to support you.

ACA represents:

  • People that spend enough time with animals to know what animals enjoy.
  • People that understand animal welfare is a process of continual improvement.
  • People that believe science, not hearsay.
  • People that educate and share their passion.

Please join to assist us educate others and encourage best practise for animal husbandry, breeding, training, sale and sporting exhibitions. Behaviour is best changed through education and assistance, rather than bullying and punishment.

Noeline Cassettari is the current Farm Animal committee representative. Founder of Farm Animal Exhibitors Association and owner of Kindifarm, Noeline has a passion for positive reinforcement. Her horse is the only horse in the world to have earned the initials CTH after her name (Champion Trick Dog Title).

By working together and with strength in numbers, we can protect farm animals from forces that try to destroy the human/animal connection. We can work together to educate, lobby government if necessary, and be a strong voice of reason.

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