Federal Election 2022


The simple answer is no Party has a comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy.

The major parties do have some policy initiatives that are encouraging, but the truth is most of the existing welfare policies are derived from the animal rights agenda.


Sadly the inclusion of the animal rights agenda in many of the policies highlights just how far they have hoodwinked the different parties and individual politicians

The chart below highlights these current animal welfare issues affecting Australian animal owners, as well as those positions with an animal rights objective.

What if a Party has no animal policy and is ‘?’ okay?

ACA sees this as more positive for animal welfare, rather than having a policy heavily infiltrated by animal rights. For ACA this means that a decision has not yet been made by the Party, and we can continue to work with them to get the best outcome for animals.



What about the Independents?

Don’t forget to check out your local Independents. Many do not have an animal welfare policy, but again this is not a bad thing! Independents have more control over their decisions than representatives of political parties, who are locked into Party policy. This means Independents can hold sway over issues arising, and may be able to help balance out animal rights rhetoric.


When you go to the ballot box, YOU get the chance to choose your OWN preferences and hold our government accountable. Each party will have their ‘How to Vote Recommendations’ – remember these are only their recommendations. These recommendations will give you an insight to who they may align with when in parliament – BUT YOU DECIDE – so choose carefully.


  • Other (last column) includes all parties with no animal welfare policies at all: Australian Christians, Australian Democrats, Centre Alliance, Citizens Party, Country Liberals, Democratic Alliance, Federal ICAC Now, Fusion Party, Great Australia Party, Informed Medical Options Party, Jacqui Lambie Network, Legalise Cannabis Party, Liberal Democrats, Local Party, One Nation, Reason Party, Rex Patrick, Victorian Socialists, United Australia Party, and Western Australian Party 
  • This list is compiled by ACA from written policies and statements by the relevant parties. Details of policies vary greatly and may change. This is not an exhaustive list of all policies related to animals in this election.
  • Animal Care Australia does not endorse any one political party or candidate. This information is provided as a simplified guide only, to encourage voters to inform themselves before voting. (2022)