Animal Care Australia (ACA) is also about Habitat Care

Habitat Care is a project jointly founded by Animal Care Australia and the Mammal Society of NSW.

The recent catastrophic fires across Australia have resulted in the loss of a billion or more animals, along with the many varieties of flora that may take decades to recover.

Habitat Care is seeking volunteers who want to be involved in the recovery of our environment by doing more than just donating money. Recovery will require a long term project that will see habitats regenerated, rejuvenated and in time providing a place for wildlife to return home.

In conjunction with Landcare Australia, Intrepid Care, Greening Australia, and wildlife rescue groups, Habitat Care volunteers will be able to assist in:

• Re-planting projects – in both fire-affected and drought-affected areas
• Seed collection – join groups collecting the native seeds needed to grow replacement regeneration programs.
• Pest removal – help remove pest plant-life that occupies the soil and is destroying the chances of native regrowth.
• Wildlife feed and water assistance.
• Nest building – many areas need temporary homes for wildlife – help build them.
• Volunteer drivers – drivers are needed to transport food, water & medical supplies to wildlife caring groups.
• Plus more one-off projects as needed.

Donating money is great and will be needed as the long-term effects become clearer, but for those who want to do more – to feel like you are doing something on the ground – helping our environment to recover – join us and help make a difference.

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