Mission Statement

Animal Care Australia (ACA) is the Peak Animal Welfare Body representing the keepers and breeders of animals in Australia as pets and companions.

ACA encourages continued development of animal welfare standards and Codes of Practice for animal husbandry, breeding, training, sale and sporting exhibitions for a wide range of animal species. Our goal is to promote and encourage high standards in all interactions with the animals in our care. To encourage responsible pet ownership, and the respectful treatment of all animals in our community ACA continues to promote welfare education over regulation.


ACA Objectives

  • To represent Animal Care Groups as the peak animal welfare body
  • To engage and advise Government and legislators on welfare issues relating to pets and companion animals.
  • To protect the rights of ethical hobbyists & animal keepers to breed and keep pets and companion animals.
  • To clarify the difference between animal rights and animal welfare
  • To promote higher animal welfare outcomes