NSW Election 2023

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As we all know ANIMAL RIGHTS IS NOT ANIMAL WELFARE. Sadly the inclusion of the animal rights agenda in many of the Parties' policies below highlights just how far they have hoodwinked the different parties and individual politicians

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” (we) will not support the arbitrary substitution of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals law with Animal Rights Law. They are not interchangeable”. NSW Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party policy statement 2023.

So, how do you decide on who is the best Party or Candidate to support you and your pets?

From a political perspective NSW is a different State to the others. This coming election result will likely see a minority government running the State. This means the real ‘power’ will go to the smaller parties and independents. Regardless of whether you want to vote for either of the major parties, how you place the parties or preferred Independents (your preferences) will control how NSW will move forward over the next term.

Ensuring the right vote for the ‘others’ is crucial to ensuring your rights to keep, breed and work with pets and animals can be maintained.

Remember, when Voting: NSW is optional preferential – that means you only need to place a 1 in the box for the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) next to your preferred candidate.
For the Legislative Council (Upper House) there will be a large ballot paper where you can vote above or below the line.
To vote above the line you must number 1, or more.
To vote below the line, you must number 1-15 or more.
For more info, check the video on the NSW Electoral Commission website.

For the purpose of not having to repeat & clarify, ‘animal welfare policies’ relates to pet, companion animals, or policies directly affecting exhibited (on display) animals. ACA’s purview does not include animals involved the racing industry, until those animals are rehomed as companions.

Firstly, looking at the Parties’ online animal welfare policies, ACA has found the Liberal Party, Nationals Party, Labor, and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation all do not have any listed policies relating to pets and companion animals.

Oddly, The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party has policies ‘labelled’ animal rights that are actually animal welfare focussed.

The Greens Party has policies ‘labelled’ as animal welfare – but are actually animal rights.

The Socialist Alliance Party has animal welfare policies – which are a mix of welfare and rights policies.

Sustainable Australia Party – Stop Overdevelopment / Corruption also has some animal rights policies.

The Animal Justice Party has a number of policies aimed at expanding animal rights, and restricting, and limiting the ownership of pets and companion animals.

There are a number of other parties running candidates in NSW and these include: Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP); Legalise Cannabis NSW Party; Liberal Democratic Party; Public Education Party; Elizabeth Farrelly Independents (Party); and, The Small Business Party. None of these have pet and companion animal welfare policies.

Below we have rated the Parties utilising a flag system. To assess each Party we have looked at their policies, how they have reacted to and supported (or not) pet and companion animal welfare legislation, Inquiries and issues during Parliament (you can reference Hansard for more info) and how they have worked with ACA over this past term of Parliament.

A GREEN flag supports good animal welfare policy and interaction. A YELLOW flag has a clear mixed outcome and requires a greater deal of consideration. A RED flag is a warning. – supporting animal rights based policy and interaction.

ACA would like to highlight that Parties and Independents with no written policies or previous term interactions could be considered as WHITE flag candidates for your vote – that is – they can be negotiated with as they are not restricted by a party policy and are therefore likely to work with ACA.

For further explanation on Party policies and our assessment click here:

To be clear: Animal Welfare vs Animal Protection vs Animal Rights

Animal Welfare is about the animals – ensuring every care is taken with the physical and mental state of an animal in relation to the conditions in which it lives and dies.

Animal Rights is about the humans – it is a philosophy – contrived by ideological and anthropomorphic viewpoints. Viewpoints that drastically differ from each other.

Animal Protection is the new catch cry for the animal rights movement because it isn’t viewed by society as being extreme, and it sounds good!

Why does ACA not support this current use of ‘animal protection’?

Because animal protection is generally seen to be the combination of both animal welfare and animal rights.

Why is that a problem?

Because the two are like oil and water – they don’t mix. You cannot have legislation (law) that continues to allow animals under human care/ownership while the animal rights is advocating to liberate animals from being used by humans at all. The term ‘Animal Protection’ on its own is oxymoronic.