Pets & Companions

Pet and Companion animals covers a broad range of species including:

  • Birds – including poultry and waterfowl – both native and exotics
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Reptiles & amphibians
  • Fish – tropical, fresh-water, and ocean-dwelling – both native and exotics
  • Horses – including ponies & donkeys – although legislative differences impact their definition as a companion animal or as livestock
  • Native mammals – native mammals are kept as pets in most States – the species permitted to be kept varies between States
  • Small mammals – rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc
  • Hobby farm & pet livestock – including  livestock animals as well as alpacas, camels, etc kept as pets

Animal Care Australia considers all species above to be domesticated animals. These animals have been continually bred in the care of their owners for many decades and should not be considered or confused with similar wild animal counterparts.

When looking at pets and companion animals, Animal Care Australia:

Animal Care Australia supports your right to keep, care for and breed animals as pets and companions. Responsible, ethical keeping should not be discouraged or restricted by ideologies or legislation.

The responsibilities of keeping pets and companions should be included in our school curriculum to encourage greater animal welfare and thereby discouraging many forms of animal cruelty typically enacted due to ignorance or misinformation.

Educate our children – not regulate those doing the right thing.