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Animal Care Australia acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we reside, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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Who is ACA?

ACA is a national incorporated association representing the interests of all animal hobbyists. Led by a strong committee composed of representatives for each major animal group – as pictured and outlined above. To find out more about how ACA is representing your favourite animals simply follow the links above.

You can have a voice – ACA has established Animal Advisory Groups for each main species. Individual members and member organisations can request to be included in these groups, so join ACA today and help by having your say!

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ACA was established as an independant animal welfare organisation, by uniting experienced animal keepers, carers and breeders. Extreme animal rights and animal liberationist ideologies have been influencing government legislation, regulation and policy development & implementation, without proper consultation, at the expense of you and your animals. We are here to provide a trustworthy, balanced voice – protecting you and your animals.

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Latest Issues

International: FEI Equine Welfare Strategy May 2024: ACA has responded to the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) strategy.ACA commends the Equine Ethics & Wellbeing Commission Final Report for its recommendations for FEI to introduce horse welfare science, Ethics and Regulation for its horses in sport. ACA supports a Good Life for Horses. It is long overdue that FEI also adopt these principles and in principle, ACA supports the adoption of all thirty recommendations by the FEI and its National Federations (NFs). ACA also agrees with all of the concerns identified within the six priority areas of focus of the Final report. ACA noted the Final Report appears to be primarily concerned with Social Licence to Operate and the potential ramifications of losing public support for equestrian sport, rather than concern for the horses involved in FEI sports. ACA sincerely believe that this report represents a significant step toward effecting real change within the FEI. However, we remain cautiously optimistic.You can read our full submission here: ACA today: can donate to us #EducateNotRegulate #AnimalWelfareIsAnimalCare #WelfareIsNotAboutNumbers #AnimalRightsIsNotAnimalWelfare #AnimalsMatter #PuttingAnimalsFirst #HumanAnimalBond #PetsAreFamily #CareForAnimals #ResponsiblePetOwnership #ResponsiblePetBuyer ... See MoreSee Less
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It's World Turtle DayUnfortunately, in recent years the Manning River Helmeted Turtle has seen a significant decline in numbers. The species faces a range of threats, including predation, habitat degradation and disease. Foxes not only raid the nests and eat the eggs and young turtles but also the mothers as they are laying them on the river bank. Vehicle strikes and land clearing for expanding housing estates are all contributing to the decline in all of our turtle species.We need to provide greater consideration and protection for our turtles.Join ACA today: can donate to us #EducateNotRegulate #AnimalWelfareIsAnimalCare #WelfareIsNotAboutNumbers #AnimalRightsIsNotAnimalWelfare #animalsmatter #PuttingAnimalsFirst #humananimalbond #petsarefamily #careforanimals #responsiblepetownership #ResponsiblePetBuyer ... See MoreSee Less
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VIC: Banyule Council Public Order for dogs & cats May 2024: Animal Care Australia responded to Banyule City Council’s Public Order for dogs & cats.Our feedback included:* Support of a 24 hour cat confinement to the owners property — but with outlined caveats. * Not supporting the proposed restrictions for dogs in open spaces particularly sporting fields.* Called out the lack of appropriate stakeholder feedback to date.* Called for ambiguity relating to permit requirements for breeders to be clearly outlined. * Called for Council to adopt initiatives that support the keeping of dogs & cats rather than the proposed restrictions.* Supported the need for greater community inclusion in decision making as well as transition periods for implementation of any changes.* Requested to meet with Council to discuss all matters further.You can read our full response here: ACA today: can donate to us #EducateNotRegulate #AnimalWelfareIsAnimalCare #WelfareIsNotAboutNumbers #AnimalRightsIsNotAnimalWelfare #AnimalsMatter #PuttingAnimalsFirst #HumanAnimalBond #PetsAreFamily #CareForAnimals #ResponsiblePetOwnership #ResponsiblePetBuyer ... See MoreSee Less
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