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Animal Care Australia acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we reside, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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Native Mammals

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Reptiles & Frogs

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Exhibited Animals

Who is ACA?

ACA is a national incorporated association representing the interests of all animal hobbyists. Led by a strong committee composed of representatives for each major animal group – as pictured and outlined above. To find out more about how ACA is representing your favourite animals simply follow the links above.

You can have a voice – ACA has established Animal Advisory Groups for each main species. Individual members and member organisations can request to be included in these groups, so join ACA today and help by having your say!

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ACA was established as an independant animal welfare organisation, by uniting experienced animal keepers, carers and breeders. Extreme animal rights and animal liberationist ideologies have been influencing government legislation, regulation and policy development & implementation, without proper consultation, at the expense of you and your animals. We are here to provide a trustworthy, balanced voice – protecting you and your animals.

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Latest Issues

Fun Day SundayAnimal welfare is a serious topic and ACA continue to advocate for improvements, but every now & then we all need a laugh too.We will be posting Fun Day Sunday memes just to lighten the mood. Pics posted are not owned by ACA, and belong to those copyrighted in/on the posts. Posts are not intended to offend against or prejudice any particular species.We hope you can appreciate the giggle in the spirit it is intended. Join ACA today: can donate to us ... See MoreSee Less
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Containers for change:Do you have a recycling bin FULL of bottles and cans! Did you know these can help organisations like Animal Care Australia to continue supporting the rights to keep pets? You can now support Animal Care Australia by returning your cans and bottles to Containers for Cash stations in Queensland and Western Australia.Just save the image below to your phone and scan it before you start putting your cans and bottles into the machine. For each returned bottle or can, Animal Care Australia will get a donation!This is a great way for you, our supporters, to make a donation and recycle! Showing your love for the work our volunteers do and for our planet at the same time!You can find a list of places you can return your bottles and cans in QLD here: or in WA here: code to donate to Animal Care Australia is C11377668If you live in other the states you can make an online donation to us at: ... See MoreSee Less
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ACA supports all shelters/rescues being regulated, transparent & accountableAnimal Care Australia does not oppose the existence of shelters/rescues but we do have major animal welfare concerns. These include:* ‘Feel-good’ individuals are setting up and running unregulated, minimally legislated rescue businesses. * Currently no compliance regime is in place to regulate rescues* Minimal application and vetting processes are required to be approved by a Local Council* No mandated limit on how many animals a rescue can have * No mandated staff to animal ratio* No legislated Code of Practice that a rescue is required to abide by to ensure maximise positive welfare outcomes for the animals (and humans) involved. Many of these concerns are ironically the very same as those now legislated for dog and cat breeders in order to prevent animal cruelty. Growing and funding an ever increasing rescue industry is not the most sustainable solution. Improving conditions and rehoming rates at Council pounds which are already funded and are spread evenly throughout the state is the first step. You can read our full policy here: ACA today: can donate to us #EducateNotRegulate #AnimalWelfareIsAnimalCare #WelfareIsNotAboutNumbers #AnimalRightsIsNotAnimalWelfare #AnimalsMatter #PuttingAnimalsFirst #HumanAnimalBond #PetsAreFamily #CareForAnimals #ResponsiblePetOwnership #ResponsiblePetBuyer ... See MoreSee Less
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