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Who is the ACA?

ACA is a national incorporated association representing the interests of all animal hobbyists. Led by a strong committee composed of representatives for each major animal group – as pictured and outlined above. To find out more about how the ACA is representing your favourite animals simply follow the links above.

You can have a voice – ACA has established Animal Advisory Groups for each main species. Individual members and member organisations can request to be included in these groups, so join ACA today and help by having your say!

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Why ACA?

ACA was established as an independant animal welfare organisation, by uniting experienced animal keepers, carers and breeders. Extreme animal rights and animal liberationist ideologies have been influencing government legislation, regulation and policy development & implementation, without proper consultation, at the expense of you and your animals. We are here to provide a trustworthy, balanced voice – protecting you and your animals.

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Latest Issues

What an indoor cat misses out on!Many local councils are now introducing restrictions & curfews on roaming cats.What an indoor cat misses out on:* Being hit by a car* Being trapped or poisoned* Becoming the victim of another animal (eg: dogs)* Complaints & threats from neighbours* Being stolen * Being injured* Killing native wildlife* Other territorial cats * Catching transmissible diseases* Infestations of fleas/ticks/parasitesThese are just some of the benefits of keeping a cat indoors. As a responsible cat owner you should be considering the benefits of keeping your cat indoors, and invest in a catio or cat enclosure. You can also take your cat for a walk by using a cat harness and lead.Be a responsible pet owner and protect your cat's future.To Join ACA: ... See MoreSee Less
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Pets in strata.From the 25 of August, the NSW Government introduced new laws to put an end to blanket bans on animals in strata. Under these laws, keeping an animal in a strata scheme can’t be prohibited unless the animal unreasonably interferes with another resident’s use and enjoyment of their lot or the common property. With 61 percent of households including a pet in their family, this makes Australia one of the highest rating countries of pet ownership in the world. Animal Care Australia is proud to be acknowledged as a key stakeholder and worked with senior government policy staff on the drafting of these regulations to ensure pet keeping is open to everyoneVisit the NSW Fair Trading website for more read ACA's submission go to our Join ACA: ... See MoreSee Less
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ACA responds to proposal for a National Registration Scheme for the Export of Live Exotic & Native Birds17th September 2021 —The Federal Government is proposing (again) to introduce a national registration scheme for recording all birds kept by Australian residents. Ignoring a recommendation to introduce a registration process for birds that are being exported by recording those birds and their DNA, a survey & proposal has now expanded to include all birds kept or bred — all 6 million plus birds!Our recommendations included: Recommendation 1:ACA DOES NOT support the introduction of a National Registration Scheme for ALL exotic & native birdsRecommendation 2:ACA will support a requirement for birds intended for export or import to have DNA parentage testing and the registration of ONLY those birds intended to be exportedRecommendation 3:ACA supports the CCBFA’s DNA parentage testing protocols for birds intended for export. You can read our full response at our Join ACA: ... See MoreSee Less
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