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Animal Care Australia acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we reside, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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Who is ACA?

ACA is a national incorporated association representing the interests of all animal hobbyists. Led by a strong committee composed of representatives for each major animal group – as pictured and outlined above. To find out more about how ACA is representing your favourite animals simply follow the links above.

You can have a voice – ACA has established Animal Advisory Groups for each main species. Individual members and member organisations can request to be included in these groups, so join ACA today and help by having your say!

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ACA was established as an independant animal welfare organisation, by uniting experienced animal keepers, carers and breeders. Extreme animal rights and animal liberationist ideologies have been influencing government legislation, regulation and policy development & implementation, without proper consultation, at the expense of you and your animals. We are here to provide a trustworthy, balanced voice – protecting you and your animals.

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Latest Issues

Real Protection for animals comes from education - not restrictionsRight now, in parliaments and local councils across the country animal rights ideologies are being imposed into legislation and welfare policies, often without consultation.ACA is here to change that- but we need your support.We encourage you to join us as a financial supporter - it only costs $10 per year. That small show of support makes a larger contribution so that we can continue to advocate for pet keeping across Australia.Your support means our voice will be heard by politicians and government departments.Your support means your pets have an advocacy organisation that actually cares about them - instead of trying to restrict their existence. Your support means we can continue to support your right to keep your pets and animals.Your support means our kids can grow up knowing what its like to own and love animals and in doing so - respect them, protect them and care for them.Join ACA today: can donate to us #EducateNotRegulate #AnimalWelfareIsAnimalCare #WelfareIsNotAboutNumbers #AnimalRightsIsNotAnimalWelfare #animalsmatter #PuttingAnimalsFirst #humananimalbond #petsarefamily #careforanimals #responsiblepetownership #ResponsiblePetBuyer ... See MoreSee Less
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ACA requests inclusion on Federal Animal Welfare Standards ReviewAnimal Care Australia acknowledges the primary focus of the development and revision of Standards & Guidelines is for the commercial keeping of livestock species, however sheep, pigs and horses are kept as pets by many people.The development of National Standards and Guidelines for Animal Welfare will be of great interest for our organisation as we have seen the incursion of animal rights ideologies at state & territory level, and we would be looking to provide a more balanced input at the national level. Animal Care Australia is also consulting as part of the development of the National Horse Traceability Register. Animal Care Australia is seeking assurances of our inclusion as a stakeholder who are to be consulted during the reviews of all upcoming Model Codes of Practices — Standards and Guidelines.You can read our full request here: ACA today: can donate to us #EducateNotRegulate #AnimalWelfareIsAnimalCare #WelfareIsNotAboutNumbers #AnimalRightsIsNotAnimalWelfare #AnimalsMatter #PuttingAnimalsFirst #HumanAnimalBond #PetsAreFamily #CareForAnimals #ResponsiblePetOwnership #ResponsiblePetBuyer ... See MoreSee Less
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ACA Responds to Snowy Valleys CouncilMay 2023: ACA responds to the Draft Companion and Non-Companion Animals Policy ACA highlighted our ongoing concerns with Councils placing number restrictions on the the keeping of pets.It is clear the proposed changes are based on ideological views rather than animal welfare or neighbourhood amenity.Specific points of concern:* Automatic exemptions should apply to those who already have more than the proposed number of cats & dogs registered with council.* How the requirements of bird keeping will be scrutinised for purpose of compliance* Questioned restrictions on keeping of goats.* Questioned wording restricting the keeping of cross bred dogs — this should read ‘restricted or banned’ dogs and their crosses.There were more concerns, so ACA requested to meet with Council to discuss the changes and more appropriate measures than restrictions. You can read ACA's full response here: ACA today: can donate to us #EducateNotRegulate #AnimalWelfareIsAnimalCare #WelfareIsNotAboutNumbers #AnimalRightsIsNotAnimalWelfare #AnimalsMatter #PuttingAnimalsFirst #HumanAnimalBond #PetsAreFamily #CareForAnimals #ResponsiblePetOwnership #ResponsiblePetBuyer ... See MoreSee Less
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