Insect and arachnid welfare by the experts

Those who keep, care for, and breed insects and spiders

Animal Care Australia acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we reside, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Insects & Arachnids

Australia is the home to over 200,000 insect species and more than 10,000 arachnid species! From the arid desserts of Western Australia to upper north QLD, the diversity of the smallest critters is extraordinary.

Animal Care Australia supports hobbyists, educators, and breeders who keep some of those beautiful insects and arachnids Australia has to offer. These unassuming pets’ popularity is only growing exponentially as social media and sustainable breeding feeds the demand for unique pets.

Sadly the Queensland Government estimates 10,000 tarantulas are taken from the wild every year to be sold as pets, and the long-term ramifications put the viability of this species and others in jeopardy. Tarantulas, scorpions, leaf insects and praying mantids are just among a few of the species popular amongst hobbyists and schools as pets, all of which hold vital roles in their ecosystems.

The management and care of insects and arachnids as pets is a key focus of Animal Care Australia, to protect native ecosystems and ensure hobbyists can enjoy their little critters as they live their best lives.

Michaela Storen is the current Insect and Arachnid Representative for Animal Care Australia. Michaela is a Forensic Entomologist by trade and holds memberships with the European Conference of Forensic Entomology, Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science society. Michaela has presented her own research Australia wide and internationally and continues to publish papers and teach at Deakin University. Michaela also keeps jumping spiders, a giant rainforest mantis, leaf insects and a moss mantis to name a few, and is very passionate about educating others about any insect she can manage to get them excited about.