Welfare Compliance Organisations Survey

In NSW there is now a requirement for the authorised charitable organisations to appear at an annual Inquiry into their effectiveness.

Animal Care Australia has provided testimony at two NSW Inquiries into the charitable organisations and is seeking your input so that we can present at all future Inquires across Australia.

We would like to hear about your experiences – good or bad – with either the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League (or both). The first section relates to their fundraising, and the remainder is about the inspectorate.

If you would like to provide specific information about your experiences with their shelter or vet clinics please email us separately at: aca@animalcareaustralia.org.au

The survey is anonymous unless you provide us with your contact details. Please keep your input factual, be the person who has had the experience (we don’t need rumors muddying the data) and provide as much detail as you can.