Animal Care Australia watching out for dogs!

Dogs play an important role in Society today, the health benefits of dog ownership are undisputed, Assistance Dogs provide an improved quality of life for thousands of disabled people, Detector Dogs play a vital role in Border Security and with our Police and Defence Forces. Dog Shows, Obedience and Agility Trials, Tracking, Flyball, Herding and Dock Diving are only a small number of family activities that can be done with dogs, but the most important role for dogs is to provide uncompromising companionship.

Despite this wonderful contribution to society there are Animal Rights Organizations and their fellow travelers, posing as Animal Welfare Groups, who do not believe dogs should be owned by humans, some believe that dogs should be phased out of society altogether.

It was in the face of their pressure on Legislators to make dog breeding and ownership unsustainable that the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) and Dogs NSW became founding members of ACA to join with other Hobbyists covering a wide range of species to provide Governments with expert advice to ensure that Legislating for the welfare of animals is not compromised by individuals who have Animal Rights Agendas.

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