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Animal Care Australia (ACA) has members who represent reptile and amphibian keepers Reptile keeping in Australia is the fastest growing pet-keeping hobby. As backyards in new residential zones are disappearing, the ease of keeping reptiles and amphibians (collectively called ‘herps’) indoors with suitable enclosures has expanded society’s love for interacting with snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs.

Whilst in recent years the interest and desire to keep herps has expanded, it has also seen a strong animal rights and animal liberation movement push back against the keeping of any native animal. In particular skewed media reports have only portrayed reptile keepers as money-focused animal smugglers with low animal welfare consideration. The reality is far from this, with dramatic advancements in reptile and amphibian husbandry improving the welfare and well-being of captive herps significantly. With such a rapid expansion each State has developed standards and guidelines for keeping reptiles and amphibians which cover how to maintain them effectively and in line with animal welfare legislation.

Recently several States and Territories have commenced or are undergoing reviews of native animals licensing and welfare regulations. Member ACA organisations have participated in these reviews and have identified a strong push against the keeping of animals as pets. Extremist agendas have infiltrated Government regulators at most levels and created an institutionalised animal liberationist agenda.

ACA has been established to bring all animal hobbyists together to become one voice that can call out the ideology and anecdotal gibberish, and counter-reply with facts. Together we can protect the keeping of all pets for the generations of the future.

Michael Donnelly is the current reptile and amphibian representative on the ACA committee. As a Founding Member and the previous Secretary of the Herpetocultural Cooperative NSW (HCN) which represents all the Herpetological Societies of NSW, Michael participated in the current Office of Environment & Heritage licensing review consultations in NSW, as well as communications with the Department of Industries following recent attempts at changes to the NSW POCTA Act.

On a personal level he has kept reptiles for over 15 years, and birds for more than 40 years, and is the Founder of the Pet Owners Are Not Pet Shops petition and Facebook movement.

We encourage all private reptile and amphibian keepers along with Clubs and Societies to join ACA.  As a member of ACA you agree to support maintaining high welfare standards and abide by the Code of Practice for the Keeping of Reptiles in your state/territory.

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