Exhibited animal welfare by the experts

Those who keep, care for, and breed exhibited animals

Animal Care Australia acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we reside, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Animal Care Australia (ACA) is for exhibited animals!

ACA supports facilities, businesses, associations, or individuals that exhibit animals and appreciate that both animals and humans benefit from the partnership.

Whether you love the llamas and lambs at petting zoos, dolphins and seals at marine parks, horses and lions at the circus, or the mix of native and exotic animals at zoos and wildlife parks then ACA is here to support you.
Exhibited animals are vital for education, conservation and for introducing children and communities to animals that they may never know existed, or have the chance to see in real life. The benefits and thrill of seeing animals up close can inspire a special appreciation of conserving all animal species.

ACA represents:

  • People that spend the time with animals to know what animals enjoy.
  • People that understand animal welfare is a process of continual improvement.
  • People that believe science, not hearsay.
  • People that educate and share their passion.

Please join to assist us educate others and encourage best practise for animal husbandry, breeding, training, sale and sporting exhibitions. Behaviour is best changed through education and assistance, rather than bullying and punishment.

By working together and with strength in numbers, we can protect exhibited animals from forces that try to destroy the human/animal connection. We can work together to educate, lobby government if necessary, and be a strong voice of reason.