Sponsorship details

If you are a socially responsible organisation looking to show a genuine commitment to animal welfare in Australia, and you support the continued ability of our society to keep and breed pets and animals, then Animal Care Australia welcomes the opportunity of work with you to develop mutually beneficial sponsorship agreements.

As a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation, Animal Care Australia relies heavily on the support of the public and fundraising is primarily via membership fees. As a national based organisation this limited funding also limits the means by which we can interact with everyone, from government to even visiting our member organisations. While technology is a great tool to overcome this, nothing beats the personalised touch and effect of meeting people in person.

The limited funding also restricts our ability to promote what we do and to recruit through that promotion. Advertising is more than a social media post and we need financial support to achieve that.

To get us started, we won’t suggest how much investment is required – that is up to you. Instead we have developed a sponsorship pack for you to consider. To read more click on the pack.